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Friday, November 30, 2012

Reflecting on my Activism

Being that this class was both my first art and computer class, I must say I learned ALOT. From the very first day of class I was learning so much about artist and their artwork and how closely related art and activism is. Before this class it never occurred to me that artist can just as well be activist and they can use various mediums of art to advocate for change. Before I started diving into the information in this course, my once closed mind did not connect activism to art in any way. Though there use to be a disconnect between activism and the artworld in my mind, through the works of professor Lopez, and other artist such as Terisa Siagatonu, and writers such as Jeanne Cordova, I now understand that activism can be what ever the individual makes it. I now realize that there are more than one way to be an activist for something or someone.
This idea of activism has fueled my learning in this class. I say this because for me the idea of being an activist by creating a website was great. To make the website I had to use a program that I never personally used before (i.e. dreamweaver). My experience with dreamweaver was interesting to say the least. I found the basics to building a website to be fairly easy and I enjoyed the idea of one day building a website on my own with the knowledge I have acquired.
On this journey as a student who helped created the QALA website, not only did I learn how to build a website by using programs such as dreamweaver and photoshop, I also learned about artist from various mediums of art, and for that, I am grateful. I am grateful to have learned so much in so little time, and I am grateful that I will now be able to use what I have learned to continue being an activist through my own artwork. Being apart of this class has opened my eyes to realize that I can use my talent in photography to educate others on important issues in our community.

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