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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ramble-Ations: A One D'Lo Show

Ramble-Ations is a stage production written, performed, and orchestrated by the one and only D'Lo. It is a conglomerate of several intersecting narratives told through the perspectives of the characters that s/he plays. D'Lo's experiences as a queer American born into a Tamil Sri Lankan Hindu family extends their influence into the stories told in this production. S/he has constructed a great deal of characters, some based off of real people, like Amma (D'Lo's mother), and some imaginary, intended to be representative of the cultural influences in D'Lo's life.

The production is made up of many small scenes or skits - in this way, D'Lo works to express to the audience the myriad ethnic, cultural, geographical, and religious influences of which s/he is composed. D'Lo says "Queer Hindu Hip-Hop, these three things make me but don't allow for one another. This is my attempt at fusing these elements of my being (and my imaginary friends) onto the stage". In this way D'Lo is really using Ramble-Ations to ask the same question to all immigrant Americans: how does one reconcile living in a country where one's identity is in a constant state of flux, at once everywhere but always nowhere.

D'Lo's performance is stellar not only for the issues that it raises and the insight into Queer immigrant America that it gives, but also for its adept manipulation of humor to deliver its message.

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  1. I really feel that when not entirely sure as to what someone identifies themselves as, one should refer to them as "they" as a preferred gender pronoun.

    When D'Lo comes out as being a lesbian and then a boy trapped in a girls body the confusion of Amma is understandable. At first she is confused because she believes that gays are whites, which is a comically important reference to how the united states sells homosexuality to the rest of the world.

    In all the laughs and comedy of D'Lo's performance the most sacred part is remember that it is not Amma, but D'Lo's performance. Its almost as if my brain crashed when i remembered who i was watching.