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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Paper Play

In 2006, Phranc collaborated with cartoonist and fellow paper lover Alison Bechdel in a joint show entitled “Paper Play” at Pine Street Art Works in Vermont. The show included life-sized paper dolls created by Bechdel which were dressed in Phranc’s paper clothing. Her love of mid-century kitsch shines through in this show with pieces ranging from black and white saddle shoes to this red and white striped t-shirt, which is displayed here on the life-sized paper doll version of Phranc. During the time leading up to the exhibition, Phranc created a podcast in which she explains how she creates her “fabric” for her paper clothing and gives us a glimpse at a work in progress—the now infamous black and white saddle shoes.

 Her process for creating the “fabric” is a labor intensive one that involves hand-painting large rolls of kraft paper, in this case with red and white stripes, and then cutting out a pattern and sewing it together on her grandmother’s old sewing machine. Like her music, Phranc’s artwork reflects her interests and her insights on everyday life, and as with much of her music, she makes her commentary with a sense of humor. 

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  1. This is cute, these life size cut outs remind me of a project I did in elementary. My teacher would place white kraft paper on the floor and have students lay down, where she would then trace the outline of our bodies. After all the students had been traced, we were all assigned to decorate our paper bodies with mixed materials. I hope this project still exists today because it really allows the creativity of young children to flourish, and gives students the opportunity to express their identities.