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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Our Surprise Guest Speaker

  What seemed like a normal class last week Monday, was interrupted by a pre-op transgender m to f prostitute named Visa. Only later did we find out that this was actually our surprise guest speaker Karen Anzoategui. Initially, when Karen came in as Visa, and just started going off and taking over the class. I was surprised that Professor Lopez didn't stop her, kick her out of the class, or call security. Here, from my knowledge, some random person walked into our class with an in-your-face vulgar attitude discussing somewhat controversial topics and here our professor was not only letting it happen, but assisting this "stranger" with the technical part of her presentation. I thought that this could only be allowed in a class like this one with a professor like ours that would see a spectacle like this as an opportunity for discussion rather than to disregard and cast out Visa as an interruption to our learning. I just kept thinking how in any other class, Visa would not have gotten one or two words out before being asked and or eventually forced out of the class room. 
  The post discussion with Karen was also very interesting. One thing that stuck out for me was her discussion about growing up Argentinian in a predominantly Mexican community while also dealing with issues of being a person of color but suffering from the misconceptions of being someone of a lighter complexion. It was something I related to. Being Belizean and growing up also in a predominantly Mexican community, there was a lot of subtle differences in the way I was treated by the other kids. I would notice the difference in how they treated me once they found out I wasn't Mexican. For the most part, everyone always assumed I was Mexican until it came into question. So certain things she mentioned, like being noted as ok because she "grew up Chicano" by association was something I also experienced. Monday's class was one I'll never forget. 

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