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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oscar Ernesto

Oscar Ernesto is another fun piece with a tone of playfulness and youth conveyed through the bright colors and the costume.  This self-portrait is filled with memories and a celebration of life as Terrill extracts these emotions from a photograph when he was 25 on the cusp of life first moving to New York in 1980. The painting is done retrospectively 25 years after the picture is taken commemorating that moment before he was diagnosed with HIV and also as a celebration of life. 

This piece feels very personal as Terrill is in a room surrounded by various fun objects. The bright yellow on the walls of the room gives off a warm and welcoming tone along with his colorful collection of personal images on the wall such as the purple and green skulls, flowers, a bat, paintings, etc. His costume also adds to the light-hearted tone as the young Terrill has angel wings and a domino-like mask. Many of Terrill’s painting revolve around the malleability of the costume as these subjects are given the freedom to become whatever they wish behind the playfulness of make-up and masks. 

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