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Thursday, November 1, 2012

The "monokini"

One of the reasons that I am growing more and more fond of Rudi Gernreich as an artist is his willingness to challenge norms and push the envelope, and follow his passion.

The above photo demonstrates one of Rudi's better known designs. It his his idea of a bikini minus the top, making this what became known as the "monokini."

I chose this as my piece for the blog post this week because of its boldness and its fashion forward look. I appreciate the creativity and design, but more so, I appreciate Rudi's drive to create something new, never done before. To create something that might ruffle some feathers and shake free some of the boring notions of what style and fashion could be.

Rudi was a pioneer in fashion and activism; I thought the "monokini" might highlight his trailblazer type of outlook for those out there reading.

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  1. This piece really struck me in particular in how avant garde it was. It's really bold and beautiful yet simplistic. When I saw a piece from Cristopher Kane's London's Fall Fashion Week I immediately made a connection back to this piece except that Gernreich's piece was made way ahead before Kane's. He really pushes fashion past its barriers into a new an unknown territory creating a rippling effect inspiring other fasionistas to think outside of the box as well. Great post! Thanks for sharing this new artist I was never aware of.