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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Nicandro's murals

This is one of Guglio Nicandro, or Gronk's, favorite genre to do, the mural. In this particular mural, Gronk is actually painting with an audience at the Fowler Museum at UCLA.The painting itself took about an hour and a half. After the completion of the mural, Nicandro allowed questions as to what the focus of the mural was about. According to him, the mural is symbolic of a culture that is alive compared to a culture that is dead, and the reinvention of the culture that is done by someone that is in the group in question.

What I personally love about the mural is the fact that you can mark with your vision the areas on the mural that represent the growing culture, and where you can see the "other" culture that is gone or unused. This distinction of color also marks the focus of the mural, as well as the possible symbolism of the colors used. For me, the top right hand side of the mural is where the expression of a culture is at its brightest, almost as though that region is the area that is marked as a place that is still working to develop itself.

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