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Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Blog

Overall my website project experience went really well despite a few problems here and there. For example the first time we met in the yrl I was one of the few people who could not link my email with the blog website. It was frustrating but I eventually figured it out a few days later. Another problem that I encountered was losing my tabs and having to do the first Dreamweaver assignment all over again the next week. However besides those minor issues I found the instructions Professor Alma provided to be easy to follow along. The work load was fast-paced but not overwhelming. I am really excited to see the final product in class next week. As for the weekly blogs, I really enjoyed posting my thoughts, research on my queer artist, and sharing with my peers information about myself. Blogging is something I have never experimented with so I am glad something like that was incorporated in to the class. All in all, I had a good time with the project and can not wait to see how the final website turned out!!! My overall process researching Tony De Carlo was tedious and required a lot of time surfing the web for information because there really was not much sources out there. Aside from his own website, I eventually found a blog on his work and an interview between him and an art historian. The interview provided good background on the meaning of his paintings. I chose De Carlo because of his surrealist, colorful, and statement-making pieces. His subjects represent gay culture, protests of religious attacks on homosexuality, and male sensuality. Not only are his paintings beautiful, but they come together to fight for and represent the need for gay liberation which I found very powerful.

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