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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Living in the Borderlands

I chose this skit “Living in the Boarderlands” by Monica Palacios. In this skit she talks about what it’s like to be from an immigrant Mexican family living in the United States. I thought that the point of this skit was to show that Mexican and Mexican Americans are always living in between cultures, in between boarderlands. Her performance uses some unrealistic stereotypes about Mexicans to point out how ridiculous the stereotypes are, while at the same she incorporates other real and hilarious facts of living in the borderlands such as eating a hotdog in a tortilla called a Mexican hotdog. I love how she uses both Spanish and English, my favorite part in this piece is how makes fun of us for having a “cuartito” that is a “tool shed and guest house for relatives who are on a budget or simply hiding from the law”. Many Mexican families such as my own do in fact have a “Cuartito” used to help other relatives save money in order for them to send it back to their families back in Mexico or save money to be able to move out on their own. Monica Palacios skit shows the type of cultural wealth we have as Latinos.

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