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Friday, November 23, 2012

LIVE: I got my VISA

      VISA raises awareness to issues that affect our greater community and does so with humor. Speaking on sex workers, poverty, immigration, and feminism were just some of the few she was able to talk on but all the same it wasn't just a performance but a conscious presentation. This form of art, form of expression, can really resonate to those that experience struggles like this as well as those who have never. While there can be certain parts of the presentation that could be dissected and analyzed to be problematic it's not a performance done to offend. To many times as individuals, we can internalize these struggles and harm our personal health but humor can be a healthy way of venting that. 
     It's definitely and interesting dynamic that plays out between VISA and Karen Anzoategui. While Karen is a more introverted personality in comparison to VISA outspoken liveliness, character is definitely a medium that can speak with different perspectives. I do acknowledge that I have male privileges so to see that another muxer can speak on behalf of certain issues it is really refreshing. 

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