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Sunday, November 25, 2012

la que aparece de nada

Karen Anzoategui… she didn’t get there until after I did, and I was already late. I walked into the normal classroom we tend to inhabit on Monday mornings, but instead of having the eyes of Profe Alma Lopez meet me in a ‘not so surprised your late,’ I became consumed by a smoky look and big red lips of a prosti, Visa, a pre-op M to F sexy thick womyn. She looked into my eyes
            “Have I seen you on Santa Monica Blvd before?”
            “No, at least not that I remember”
Immediately when she mentioned the street and bumping into each other I knew she was asking me if I had paid for a night with her. Being from Huntington Park, I am aware of trans womyn selling themselves on the street.
            I feel that when I run into trans womyn in Los Angeles they tend to be Latinas, and one of their key ways of getting around is by prostitution. I am not sure if this is something that is being discussed in the trans community, but it would not surprise me if it wasn’t, for issues that minorities face are still over looked in communities that should discuss the experiences of others.
            Visa mentioned that her appearance at the conferencia de joteria made some people feel uncomfortable, and I can see how and why a womyn who owns sexuality and wears it can create a ruckus. Visa tackles issues that others might feel too uncomfortable to shift through and discuss. I believe this has a lot to do with the lack of trust we have in being able to break through the barriers we hold in our own minds. If we cannot sit through that which challenges us, in thought, in action, in beliefs, we cannot trust to be a source of change.  

*based on my experience.

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