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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Karen Anzoategui

I honestly didn’t know that VISA was a character played by Karen Anzoategui even after she entered and chatted with the professor. It was quite hard to understand what she said because of her accent. I inferred that most of what she said was in Spanish, but I was confused. However, I do believe she succeeded to convey what she wanted to express to us. Her costume really shocked me to the point that I couldn’t really concentrate on what she said for a period of time. The way that she chose to address people, dressing like a Cuban prostitute and speaking in a harsh accent, could cause controversy. There exists the possibility of a misunderstanding that the audience could interpret her performance as a parody instead of a statement. I understand the fact that she can draw more attention with her costumes and her personality, but I can see why there was also a negative view of her performance. Anzoategui’s performance was accused of making fun of transgender sex workers and continuing their stereotype. I was astounded by Karen Anzoategui’s performance- I initially believed that VISA and Karen were two different performance artists. I think Karen’s multicultural background plays an important role in her capacity as an actress. Through her performance, I once again realized that art can be used to open a new dialogue of issues from different aspects such as politics, genders and immigrants.  

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