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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Karen Anzoategui

Going to class that morning, the guest speaker professor Lopez had planned for us was the last thing I expected to happen. I was sincerely surprised and thought Visa was in the wrong class, especially because Lopez and Gaspar de Alba both acted suprised as well. I thought it was really interesting that Visa used comedy to address certain issues that aren't addressed enough. I strongly feel that transforming something into a comedic show and being in your face about it attracts more attention while getting a message across as well. Visa talked about politics, sexuality, the LGBT community, and immigration in a way that alot of people might find offensive but I applaud her for doing so. She was blunt, honest, and was not afraid to express her opinion and I really admire people who are like that. Her humor and over-sexualized image kept m eentertained and made me really listen to what she was saying. After Visa left, Karen Anzoategui herself talked to us and I saw how passionate she truly is for what she does as a performer and writer. I hope I get the opportunity to see her perform again sometime in the future.

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