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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Joey Terrill's "Jeff, Victor, Luiz and George"

Joey Terrill's Jeff, Victor, Luiz and George has a festive tone to it as the men in the painting are in inverted costumes with big smiles on their faces or with their mouth wide open in laughter. The Miller beer can is another piece of the scene that adds playfulness to this captured moment of friends at a party. The men in this scene are also breaking down gender roles as they are dressed in women's clothing and makeup. Flowers are usually associated with women but in this scene the men have numerous flowers in their hair along with jewelry hanging from their ears. Jeff is dressed as Frida Kahlo which he specifically chose to dress as for a reason. Frieda Kahlo is one of the most influential avant-garde female artists of Mexico and he is paying homage to her by cross dressing and becoming her which at the same time is crossing the lines of gender roles as well. 
These friends seem to have an intimate relationship as they are placed closed to each other in this scene. They are all touching each other and have a smile on their face or have their mouths wide open in laughter adding to the tone of camaraderie. The title of the painting also suggests this as each of the characters name is divulged creating a sense of intimacy rather than a couple of nameless strangers. Overall this a fun painting with many colors and sounds that invites the viewer to enter this close circle of friends and embrace the inverse without judgement.

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