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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Guest Speaker: Karen Anzoategui

What I admire of Karen Anzoategui character, VISA, is her ability to use humor to address issues that affect people today—immigration, LGBT/sexuality, politics, and voter’s rights to name a few.  The way VISA also compares these issues with sexual terms—like orgy, puta, pussy—adds to not only humor, but also illustrates the intensity of these issues.  Just like it tends to be uncomfortable to hear or talk about anything related to sex, VISA also shows that it can also be uncomfortable to hear and accept that there are struggles that exist and need to be addressed.  For example, it may be uncomfortable for a politician to talk about immigration, and for a Christian to talk about LGBT-related concerns.  But for VISA, it is not unpleasant for her to speak about sensitive issues, and use common stereotypes to attack them in a humorous manner.  It also important to point out that there is the belief that by using stereotypes in a performance, it can be interpreted as an act that promotes those stereotypes rather than to challenge them.  However, what makes VISA’s performance as unique is that she gives an “in your face” performance, instead of promoting the stereotypes she uses.

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