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Monday, November 12, 2012

White Picket Fence

Despite the fact that Ryan Trecartin's art mainly takes form within the video medium, he also widely uses sculptural and interactive installation projects when displaying his work in a gallery/museum setting. Taking the form of stations where the viewer can listen in on the video projected, the overall environment is generally focused on the video itself. However, it is interesting to analyze the surroundings that the viewer encounters when watching the projections. This above example is from his MoMA PS1 show in New York, Any Ever in 2011. Here his piece P.opular is projected in the background. The mid-ground that stands between the viewer is white office and industrial furniture that has been disassembled or strewn about the room. The viewer in the fore-ground is then seated at a conference table and received headphones by which to listen to the piece.
The use of office/industrial furniture is to take the most boring and mundane objects that exist in our every-day lives and amplify it to the point that it becomes chaotic. Since the prefabricated office space is the epitome of Modernist efficiency, Trecartin redefines and uses it as the physical space for a completely Post-Modernist experience.

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