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Saturday, November 3, 2012

CHUBBY GIRL ART by Julio Salgado

One of the pieces of Julio Salgado that I chose to highlight is this piece from his "Chubby Girl" series. This one in particular is part of the latest batch which Julio just exhibited at SoleSpace's opening art show: METAMORFOSIS in downtown Oakland last night! 
I chose this piece for two reasons: (1) I wanted to bring attention to the fact that Julio's art also covers positive Latina body images. This is extremely important in our society today, where Latina bodies are comodified and exoticized by mainstream media every single day. Julio's positive images that promote real curvy bodies are resisting the daily messages of thin and extreme dieting for young women. Julio's artivism lies in undermining mainstream media outlets and subverting their messages. (2) I really love that the subjects in each piece have their faces painted in the tradition of the Mexican cultural holiday "Dia de los Muertos" or Day of the Dead. Julio's homage to the ancestors (via the calacas in the background and the painted face) is beautifully displayed in his art and shows his Mexican heritage loudly and proudly. 


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  1. I decided to comment on this piece because it really stood out-not only because it is beautifully painted, but also because of the message it sends. Being a bigger Latina I really identified with Salgado's promotion of realistic body types (such as the chubby girl). Sometimes it is discouraging and disappointing to see anorexic/very thin bodies glorified in the media because it rules out any other woman from being considered beautiful. I also really liked how he incorporated Dia de los Muertos. Every year my family and I celebrate this traditional Mexican holiday and I absolutely love seeing those images in artwork. The artist I am researching, Tony De Carlo, also paints images of the culture that surrounds Day of the Dead such as skulls, flowers, and skeletons in his paintings.