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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Caca- Roaches Have No Friends

Cyclona on the left during
Caca-Roaches Have No Friends, 1969.

Asco artist, Gronk, invited both Cyclona and Edmundo Meza to collaborate on a project called Caca-Roaches Have No Friends. Both artists agreed, and the performance commenced on November 20,1969 at Belvedere Park in East Los Angeles. Although the event was publicized in a manner that welcomed families and their children, the artists had prepared something different. Cyclona wore exaggerating make-up, as she is commonly known for, by painting her face white with black eye shadow, red lipstick, and long furry sideburns. The performance is infamous for the “cock scene”. During this period of the performance another actor performs with Cyclona, whose shorts have been attached with a long balloon and two eggs. The scene continues as reported by author Robb Hernandez, in his book “The Fire Of Life: Robert Legorreta- Cyclona Collection,” in which Cyclona pulls a fishnet garment over the phallic object, and twists until the balloon pops and the eggs fall to the ground.

I wish I were able to see this performance, based on Hernandez’s description it sounded like a pretty heated event. The audiences were outraged and in shock, as were the police. One thing I didn't like is the fact that children witnessed this performance; especially because of its content. I think this type of exposure at an early age may affect the decisions that children may make in their young life, around other children, or maybe even attempt to recreate this performance, which can lead to very controversial issues. My statement isn't trying to offend queer individuals, because I believe people have the right to identify with whatever sexuality they like, but I also think adult content should be restricted from children. Then again, who becomes the ultimate power of limiting choices that children make? When is it too early to explore your sexuality, is it wrong to start as a child, or should people wait till their teenage years. This topic is very delicate but does the term parenting become redefined?

Based on Hernandez's interview with Cyclona, she stated, “We were trying to shock people into believing that they could do anything they wanted to do.... I always say East L.A. was like a giant rubber ready to explode.” In addition, author Jennifer Flores Sternad states that Legorreta described "this as a protest against gerontocracy and cites it as the impetus for the audience’s violent reaction to the play." The former quote lays out the issue in society, while the second quote backs up the former. A protest against gerontocracy reveals how governed people are in the world. Legorreta conveys how we are truly never free to express what, how, and when we want to. No matter what a person does, is some manner with be accused of disobeying someone or being offensive. 

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