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Thursday, November 29, 2012


Initially I was going to choose visual artist Lee Relvas, but I was having trouble finding information on him, as was expected for many of these artists’ who did not have websites. Then Professora Lopez proposed that I research Robert Cyclona Legorreta, so I did. I went to the UCLA Chicana/o Studies Research Library, and found this book written by Robb Hernandez called The Fire of Life: The Robert Legorreta- Cyclona Collection. The book also came with a bonus DVD; I was stoked because I had the opportunity to watch one of Cyclona’s performances. I learned that Robert is a very difficult person to understand, based on comments made by individuals that learned of my research on him. Although I’ll never truly understand what people meant by calling Robert “crazy,” I did learn that his work is very influential, and I believe that his character, Cyclona, has inspired many upcoming artists such as our special guest VISA. Robert’s experience as a Chicano growing up in the 1960s is a powerful story that should be recognized, as well as the role it has played in his performance art. Thanks to Professora Lopez for teaching us, the students, all these nifty skills in both Dreamweaver and Photoshop, that we all have had an important position in acknowledging these L.A.-based queer artists.

I think that any beginner learning these two new programs would have trouble, but the more you repeat the steps the quicker you can comprehend them. I noticed that the time I spent coming to work on my project at the Young Research Library, really gave me the time to learn from mistakes and made me so much more comfortable with both Dreamweaver and Photoshop. Coming to the library also allowed me to move at my own pace, but the overall project wasn’t too demanding. The workload was just right. The most rewarding part of this class is actually witnessing all of our accomplishments, and seeing how beautiful everything came together. 

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