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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Blog Reflection

In doing the class website, as well as participating in the class blog, I found myself learning how I personally see different art forms and artists, especially those that create and produce their own one-man (or woman) shows. The amount of work one needs to put in these type of shows, and other pieces of work, is incredible.

What I also like about both the website project and the blog is that it felt like the whole class is doing their best to complete something together, and help each other out with it. It felt like a family of sorts, where even though we may not have talked to each other, we can still identify with each other because of this work. We know what we did, and we can be proud of it.

For me, personally, I had slight trouble with doing the website page for my artist because of the lack of recorded interviews out there concerning his different facets of his paintings. I did find a museum that held information on one of his works that was up on an exhibit before, but now I know that I was lucky enough to find something like that at all. Although, now knowing how hard it is to create a website, I can see why there is no specific webpage with an artists' works. That was the main issue for me.
That being said, I loved doing this work with my fellow classmates, and the way that our work looks so far is enough to make me think all the intense digging for information was worth it.

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