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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Palacios, Monica

This clip is a skit titled “Double dyke familia,” written and performed by Monica Palacios on Septermber 28th, 2002 at Highways Performance.
In this skit, Palacios shares what it is like to be in a family where she and one of her older sisters are lesbians. She lets the audience know that even though it seems like it is easier to have a queer sister, the reality is a lot more complicated than in seems. I think that through her comedy, we are able to congregate and make fun of the silly things our family must think of us and horrible things we have to go through with in our homophobic Latino families.
She makes fun of the awkward first stages of a family accepting a queer child, wishing every holiday, that “they bring home men to dinner”. She also talks about the homophobia experienced within the extended Latino family, like when relatives do not encourage their daughters to say hello to her “because they think she will hypnotize them, in other words, her queerness will rub off by speaking to her as if it were an ill born disease. God forbid they would want to become a typical lesbian by becoming vegetarian. I appreciate this type of humor, it not only reminds us of our struggle, it also helps to laugh at it. For those who are not queer and perhaps ally’s it gives an insight at the struggles queer Latinas have to face in a Latino family.


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  2. I really like the use of comedy to diffuse normally difficult or emotionally challenging situations. Though I use it to deflect things I don’t want to think about in my personal life (which is not exactly the way to deal with tough situations I am told), harmless stand up is really a nice break from the ever-so-serious reality of homophobia and the struggles of queers. As in every other aspect of the normal serious day to day events, stand up provides a reprieve and even a fresh comedic look at the facts of the situation. Laughing at yourself and your disposition is a really useful skill and has helped me to get through many tough events in my life- Monica’s comedy provides the same relief from a normally serious and heart-breaking family situation; but in making fun of it for its ridiculousness, the situation seems a lot less threatening and thus easier to deal with. - MONICA GRAY