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Friday, November 2, 2012


The piece that I chose by my artist it entitled “Trigger”. This piece is a very powerful piece to me and it is one that I greatly relate to. In this piece Terisa is describing her feelings toward her future of being a queer parent. The poem is her speaking directly to her future children and encouraging them to stay strong even through the criticism from others that they may receive for having a gay mother. Terisa has openly stated that if she has children, having them get bullied on account of her sexual orientation is one of her fears. I must admit I too have this fear, which is why I was able to relate to the words of her poem.
One of my favorite lines in her poem is “When you ask your parents about the monsters in the closet did they tell you that there is nothing to be afraid of, that even those in closets have monsters of their own”. I really love this line because it is so true. Many people in our society focus on harassing gays and lesbians for being different while at the same time overlooking the fact that they have fears and struggles just like everyone else. I appreciate the honesty and the passion that Terisa placed into this poem, and it is works such as this that pushes the limit by addressing truths that society wants to overlook that allows her to continuously be great at what she does.

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