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Saturday, November 3, 2012


Roy Rogers Oldenkamp painted this in 1976 using watercolor. Sometimes I wonder if I find too much meaning in art, but that seems counterintuitive to how art arises. This rendering of a burger and fries is beautiful, but it goes far deeper than beauty for me. I live about half a mile away from a restaurant called ASTROBURGER in West Hollywood, CA. It has always been a local landmark that caters to all tastes from double cheeseburgers, to garden burgers, to salmon burgers. Aside from great food, it's a fantastic place to people watch. It attracts people from all over Los Angeles County. I've met people there from Hollywood, East LA, Santa Monica, and Burbank, even Downey. Most of the time everyone is friendly. Occasionally, someone might stumble in complaining about how small the parking lot is (it totally is!!), or how someone's parking space was swiped. Aside from that, this restaurant invites so many wonderful characters and personalities from all over LA County, and sometimes from other countries. The eclectic feel of this small burger joint seems appropriate since it's perfectly placed between the border of West Hollywood and Hollywood. As I'm writing this, I continue wondering if I'm reading far too much into this painting of a burger and fries. If there's an absolute answer to this question, I certainly don't know what it is. However, in my eyes, artwork that gives rise to reflection on subtle themes in our lives is worth reading into.

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