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Sunday, November 4, 2012

As a performance artist, Alicon De La Cruz has not only performed, but has also produced her own works and at times participates in them as well.  One of her most recent works is Evoke,  a festival that focuses on the voices of LGBT Asian Pacific Americans to expand the dialogue about their experiences a a diverse group.  This festival reflects De La Cruz's intention to create work that nurtures new voices within queer, immigrant, student, and multicultural communities in Los Angeles.  Alison is also an artist that focuses on the way race, culture, and place impact making-art in a collective context.
The flyer that is posted for the promotion of this festival is quite powerful, in which one person (left) is facing forward, and the other person (right) if facing the person on the left.  the two are in the position as if the person on the right is talking to the person on the left, thus illustrating that this work is about dialogue and understanding that diverse differences within the APA community.  The fact that the person on the right is facing the reader can also signify that the person is inviting the public to attend the event so that everyone can take part of this dialogue and to be aware of the differences and similarities of different cultures.

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