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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Anzoategui as VISA

Visa came storming in the classroom requesting for a song to be played for her. I honestly thought she was a random person trying to be political in a comedic way. I thought that both professor Gaspar de Alba and Lopez were genuinely surprised at her presence. Either way, I thought how awesome I mean its not everyday we have someone performing in class!!
I liked how political Visa was with her Spanglish comments and joke, she asked the class if we have voted and then proceeded to make fun of the fact that people are still counting votes for the recent presidential election. She spoke about the political difficulties around the world regarding boarders, borders she said she herself did not have nor boundaries or underwear! Which I thought was hilarious because she is also speaking about the current sex-workers in the streets of Los Angeles, also a political subject.
I really liked how she read GAZA in Spanish, therefore she said that it seemed feminine and then it made sense as to why they were screwing them over, she also understood the STRIP part as ironic because they do not “strip” there but they did cover up. What Visa said made sense to me so I felt I understood and appreciated her comments.
The last thing I liked was that Karen said that she identified as queer and not butch or lesbian because she felt those identities were constraining and people are constantly having to prove themselves to those identities. I completely see her point of view. I also think that this sort of identity constraint is also causing some of the criticism Karen is receiving for being a woman playing a role of a Cuban transgender sex worker. I’m glad she uses this type of tactic to bring up issues we feel uncomfortable with, it does begin the conversation that needs to happen.

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