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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Amor Prohibido

This piece by Antonio Rael is entitled "Juan y Jose: Amor Prohibido". It depicts two men who are in love but the world prohibits them from being together. Rael loves painting about contemporary issues and including his point of view on it. Here, he is addressing the issue of gay marriage and the impact it has on those who aren't able to legally be with the person they love. Rael also has another similar painting with two women lovers as opposed to the two men. I thought it was interesting that he decided to have the men be skeletons because, to me, it shows that their love continues to exist even after they die. Maybe in the afterlife is the only place that they can truly be together without having society intrude in their personal lives. The skeletons also depict Rael's style of using iconic images that represent his culture. This painting is very simple and straightforward, just like many of his other works, but regardless of the simplicity he still manages to convey a strong message. 

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