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Friday, November 2, 2012

"Adam and Ives"


This painting by Tony De Carlo is titled "Adam and Ives". It is a masculine and homosexual play off the biblical Adam and Eve couple.  It is supposed to represent male sensuality and the freedom to be openly gay without being subjected to discrimination or violence. Tony De Carlo's work is a testament to the gay world and a vehicle of social protest which calls for freedom and acceptance of the gay community. As a painter, his work has shown strong connections with artists such as Frida Kahlo, Raoul Duffy, and many Mexican muralists. His artwork ranges from manners, to touch symbolism, and surrealism.

What initially drew me to this particular piece was the clear message it sent and the phenomenal bursts of color. I noticed the immediate similarities such as the snake twisted around the tree as well as the fruits near it. These can be compared to the “forbidden fruit” the snake gave to Eve to tempt her. I like that De Carlo used instead two men embracing each other to show new modern ideals on homosexuality.

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