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Saturday, October 27, 2012

When We Were OUTlaws

When We Were Outlaws is a book about the radical activism of Jeanne Cordova. With her modern age non-monogamous relationships, the butch persona, her Leftist journalism, her activism with the Gay Movement, and against misogyny from the GCSC Cordova's novel brings forth how a lesbian fit into the civil rights and activist era of the 1970's. In spite of all the activism the most interesting part of the novel I found were her love interest and the relationship she created between butch womyn and femme womyn. Throughout the book she keeps referring to a dichotomy of Butch lesbians dating Femme womyn who just recently got out of heterosexual relationships/marriages. This seems interesting to me because at least now enforcing such kind of relationship seems like gender conforming. Not to say that this type of relationship doesn't exist, to each their own, but when it takes up so much time in a movement it seems like Queer womyn in the 70s were pushing each other to be in this male-centric dichotomy where one partner had to be Butch and the other femme.

Questions for Cordova:
1. What do you feel about the word Queer when womyn identify themselves as Queer Womyn and not lesbians?

2. Why did you not see the Gay men at the GCSC as the enemy like the other ladies did?

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