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Saturday, October 27, 2012

When We Were Outlaws

I really enjoyed reading Jeanne Cordova's book "When We Were Outlaws". Aside from learning more about gay and lesbian social movements, I was fascinated by Cordova’s personal story and her struggle to juggle politics and love. From the beginning, Cordova was depicted as such a strong individual that it was heartbreaking to see her breakdown the way she did towards the end of the book. My first question for her would have to be, looking back, did you see your actions as hypocritical when you were telling Rachel that you could not stand the thought of her with another woman if your arrangement were to be non-monogamous? Was it because you finally realized you loved her?

The relationship Cordova had with Morris was also very interesting to read about, especially because she mentioned that Morris and her father were very similar. Having her explain the anger she had towards her father and the horrible relationship she had with him growing up made me wonder why she instilled so much trust on Morris. He was a mentor to Cordova and he taught her a lot, so I saw this relationship as her chance to have a real father figure in her life. It was really surprising to read that he ended up betraying her so my second question is, how did Morris’s betrayal affect you in terms of one day seeing the gay and lesbian community unite as one? Do you think there is still that separation today or have we moved forward from this? 

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