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Saturday, October 27, 2012

When We Were Outlaws

Jeanne Cordova’s memoir When We Were Outlaws was an interesting, informative and enticing read. Her life as a political self identified queer Chicana feminist and activist was exciting but so was her love life, so exciting it made me flip through the pages at a faster pace. Cordova’s talented writing skill is a work of art; her scenes were almost in color with the way she described with such delicate detail and animation. This page turner had me feeling like I was watching the scenes unfold before my eyes. She has so much to say and her style of writing gives us a chance for us to see her side of the story as a biracial woman during this political movement.

As a Veterana of non monogamous relationships, how do you feel about it now? after giving this life style a try, do you believe other people can maintain this type of relationship?

As a followup question, what are your thoughts about gay marriage?  Some people say that this helps reproduce heterosexual family structure, reproducing binary such as in parenting.

Did you ever find a complete balance between your political and personal life?

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