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Saturday, October 27, 2012

When We Were Outlaws

1. What was the reason that you interviewed Joseph Tomassi even though he has opposing views from you?

Jean Cordova is a lesbian, chicano feminist. Joseph Tomassi, who is a captain of National Socialist Liberation Front, asked her to transmit his word to the public by writing about him after she interviewed him. I believe the National Socialist Liberation Front not only has nothing to do with Cordova’s political stance but also stands for white superiority which is in contrast to her beliefs. That’s why I couldn’t understand clearly why she agreed to listen what he said and even wrote the article about it. Is that because she thought as a journalist, she has a duty to convey every political opinion without judging it?
2. Could you tell us how the gay and lesbian community can seek a way to go forward together?
I think that lesbian communities are still underestimated compared to those of gays. Reading about the conflict between GCSC and other lesbian feminists, I wondered how those two can be united as one community though they have their gender identity as a prime factor of their idea.

3. Do you still believe that non-monogamy is a way of political resistance towards heterosexual marriage as a feminist?

It was hard for me to understand that monogamy was invented by men to enslave women like a possession because I think it’s natural to want someone to get involved only with you when you have a serious relationship with him or her.   

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