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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Vaginal Davis

Vaginal Davis, who's name alludes to political activist and feminist Angela Davis, is a gender queer performing artist, painter, writer and composer. Her music consists of a majority of punk and experimental (the Queercore music movement is often attributed to her influence), she is an independent curator, an independent film maker, and the list goes on and on.
And naming her ethnicity is nearly as impossible as her resume- German, Jewish, Mexican and French. Even her gender is tough to identify, for she was born with both male and female genitalia. As you may guess, someone in Vaginal's disposition would receive many unwanted stares, but when asked about her experiences growing up in relation to her career choice she simply replied "People would always stare at me. So I figured I might as well just be on stage."
Some of Vaginal's film projects include The White to be Angry (1999) and The Faces f Women (1993) and she is the publisher and editor of Fertile Latoyah Jackson Magazine and Shrimp. However she is greatly known for her performance art and style, in which she performs in a wide range of different personas- some based on actual people, and some of her own creation.
Though all of her achievements are remarkable and impressive, they are not what I most admire her for. I chose to write about Vaginal Davis because of her bravery and acceptance of the skin she was born in; and because I am impressed by the way she used the most unique part of herself to show the world who she was- and that she is proud of it. 

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