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Saturday, October 20, 2012


Of the many events that were offered this past week and half the Undocuqueer was one of many that resonated with me. To have been able to see the hermanos and hermanas that are currently enduring the political movement of civil rights. When asked what Undocuqueer was, each had their own interpretation and take on it. Answers of what it was varied from an identity, a struggle, a life culture, the political, and the intersectionality of what it is to be queer and undocumented.

Panelist Jorge Gutierrez was able to bring light to many new perspectives and historical fact of the movement. First on the brink of Undocuqueer was during a conference in Tennessee when someone asked who in the audience was, aside from being undocumented, queer and a staggering number stood. To Jorge this was an awakening of something greater and the Undocuqueer movement has also recently gained awareness through the many demonstrations and protests all throughout the nation, folks now transcending their fears of deportations and hate crimes are nothing compared to the rage of being considered second class citizens and facing dehumanization. The Undocuqueer has also gained awareness through Julio Salgado's Undocuqueer series which brings forth many faces that aren't afraid to be out of this double closet; Not a hinderance but a statement of, "I'm here queer and undocumented and I'm fighting back!"

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