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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tony De Carlo

Tony De Carlo is a native of Los Angeles and a well-known painter. He now resides in Savannah, Georgia and his paintings are in collections around the world. He is a self-taught artist and has been painting for forty years. He has donated much of his work to PAWS, Project Angel Food, Shanti, and many other animal charities as well as gay organizations. 

His paintings are inspired by the mixing of culture and people. He paints what he knows and what he is surrounded by in his daily life. Most of his paintings are of friends, gardens, homes, and dogs. He does not paint something he does not know or something that does not hold meaning to him. His work is most specifically about men. Although he never paints anything sexual he tries to reveal the sensuality of men. He stays true to the people he knows in the LGBT communities and paints these subjects in his works. 

What initially interested me about Tony De Carlo was his quirky, colorful, powerful, and well-painted depictions of dogs, namely chihuahuas. I am a true dog-lover and own two chihuahuas that are very dear to my heart so I immediately was drawn to those images. When I looked more into his galleries, I was also blown away by his beautiful paintings of people in all types of scenarios. The vibrant colors he uses brings the paintings to life. I am excited to look further into Tony De Carlo's work.

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