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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ted Stern

The piece I chose to write about is Miguel Angel Reyes’ “Ted Stern.” I could not find a lot of information on this piece other than it was made in 2005 and is color pencil on black velour paper. Though this piece does not have a lot of information, it really stands out to me. The first aspect of the piece that caught my eye was the contrast between the body and the black background. He clearly stands out and the background makes his features even more noticeable. The details on the body are seen clearer which allows us to really take in the full image.

 Another aspect of the piece that caught my attention is the way the body is positioned. His back is towards us, but we are still able to feel an emotion. The body looks very tense and his muscles are very sculpted. It’s as if he is straining to get up by pushing upwards with his arms. His face is not completely visible, but that mystery is what I really like about this piece. This work really displays the human body and shows its beauty. I love the shading because it highlights some muscles, but also adds to the mystery and the overall mood. 

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