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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Susan (Phranc) Gottlieb

Phranc (born Susan Gottlieb) is an American folksinger and visual artist based in Santa Monica. She began her musical career in the L.A. punk scene of late 1970s and early 1980s, first as a member of Nervous Gender, and later as part of Catholic Discipline. By 1985, Phranc was fed up with the sexism she encountered in the punk scene and ventured out as a solo artist. Although she didn’t find commercial success as “America’s favorite Jewish lesbian folksinger,” she continues to be an inspiration and queer icon. (source)

Phranc has also made an impact in the visual arts. Known as the “Cardboard Cobbler,” Phranc is known for crafting everyday objects like shoes and clothing out of paper and cardboard. She claims that she became inspired to create three-dimensional objects after eating a perfect slice of yellow cake. She envisioned sewing cardboard and using bolts of paper in place of bolts of fabric. A friend taught her how to thread her grandmother’s old sewing machine and the rest was history! (source)


I was initially drawn to Phranc’s musical background, but after discovering her visual art, I knew I wanted to research her further and make sure she was a part of the Queer Arts in L.A. website.


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