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Saturday, October 6, 2012

SooYoung Jeong

  My name is SooYoung Jeong. I’m an exchange student staying here for this fall quarter and I’m from South Korea. Actually, I’m an Aesthetics major but since UCLA doesn’t have an Aesthetics Department, I’m registered as an Art history and Philosophy major student. This is my first quarter at UCLA and I’m a junior in Korea. 
  This original photo was taken in this summer when Korea suffered from a tropical night. After a date with my boyfriend, I came back to my house and looked in the mirror and took this photo. My face was drenched with sweat, but I could find some confidence and happiness in my face. I think it is maybe because I felt loved by him at that time. 
  The image of background is an opium-poppy which is called ‘Yang-gui-bi’ in Korean. This flower is named after the emperor of Tang’s beloved consort ‘Yang Guifei’. An opium-poppy is one of my favorite flowers along with a peony and camellia. A red opium-poppy means daydream. I think everyone needs to have a way of gaining comfort. For me, it is daydreaming. That’s where I get comfort standing aloof from my real life. I’m a dreamer. The word I wrote on my picture means ‘the most beautiful and happiest moment of lifetime’. When we directly translate it, it becomes ‘shiny flower moments’. I believe every single moment of my time is 花樣年華(HwaYangYeonHwa).


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  2. Your interpretation of your self-potrait is very sincere Soo Young. I like that you took a moment in time and acknowledged exactly how you felt. When people interpret images of themselves, they will sometimes generate artificial responses about emotions that are often not present in the image. There is nothing artificial about your image or your interpretation, and I really admire that. I also think that daydreaming is such a fantastic thing. It's the projection of our hopes and desires, which are better explored in our own mind than anywhere else. I hope you continue to be a dreamer as long as you can.