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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Roy Rogers Oldenkamp

I'm excited to research and feature the work of Roy Rogers Oldenkamp. He is a West Hollywood local activist and artist, and a man that I occasionally run into when I work out at the Hollywood YMCA.

The following information regards the painting to the left:

Anthropomorphic Articulated Vase Series #22
Acrylic on Canvas
Collection Dan & Joselle Gilvezan

Roy has many wonderful pieces, but the reason I chose to display this one is because it brings forth the beauty and simplicity of a glass vase. To some, this vase may be a necessary tool that facilitates everyday tasks, while to others, this vase is no more than an extravagant platform for the arrangement of even more extravagant flowers. The colors were mindfully chosen as well. The purple backdrop creates excellent contrast that reinforces the pop of clarity and brightness in the piece.

Roy is also a seasoned and talented writer. He contributes to WeHo News and has his own blog that addresses many topics involving critiques, politics, community, art, and everything else you can think of. This is part of the reason I chose to feature him this quarter. I believe he's an artist who is both a skilled thinker and socially conscious. I'm certain that his opinions will be both of interest and a resource to the students of this class.

Check out his posts and contributions with the following links:


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