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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Rosaura Huante

My name is Rosaura Huante but you can call me Rosie, I am a transfer student double majoring in Chicana/o Studies and Gender Studies. I am a McNair research scholar and my research explores queer students experience in California community colleges. I am the youngest of nine and the first woman in my family to attend college so I’m excited about graduation! 
I grew up in the South Bay, so learning new things about Los Angeles is always an interest, it's another reason why I decided to take this course!
The photo I chose for this project is a photo I took of myself (rare!) when my partner got me a laptop; it had been years since I had a mac, much too long if you ask me! I was a mac user as a kid, WAY before it became trendy! The image for my background will be a hummingbird, I chose this beautiful creature because this past summer I had multiple hummingbirds come near my window as I studied and for the first time while outside in the balcony a hummingbird came near and hovered right in front of my eyes, it was beautiful. My word will be de colores or in colors in English, this is the name of one of my favorite songs as a child, ironically, this image lacks colores! but the lovely hummingbird will bring that to the mix :D

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