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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Richard Pickwoad

  As the title suggests, my name is Richard Pickwoad. I am technically a sixth year but this is also my last quarter here are UCLA. I am majoring in Philosophy, although my dream is to become a pyrotechnician and make fireworks. I come from the San Fernando Valley from the small town of Sylmar. People who are familiar with the area, know that it is only about a 20 minute drive north on the 405, with no traffic that is. Including traffic, the time changes drastically. And traffic has become a part of the life here in LA.
  For my background, I choose a picture of a galaxy. From a very young age I have always gotten lost in my thoughts and would space out. This picture is a literal representation of spacing out. Which brings me to the word I choose. I used the word "infinite" to continue with the grandness of what space is. The universe as we know it is continuously expanding. And it is this idea that I think is so intriguing.  For some, knowing this makes the world seem insignificant and pointless in the grand scheme of things,  but for me it just creates excitement and a thirst for knowledge of what is beyond our little blue planet. And that despite how big the universe may be, that there are still things on this world that has yet to be discovered and how there is always something new if you just look for it.

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