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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Revolutionary Love

  I had been to Professor Lopez’s exhibition held at Kerckhoff Art Gallery. The title was ‘Revolutionary Love’. As soon as I entered the hall, the first thing that drew my attention was strong color sense of works. Especially huge paintings which were hung on the left side of a wall looked like holy pictures that depicted saints which we can find in churches but the difference is those painting in the exhibition were more colorful, dynamic and unconventional in Lopez’s own way. Her art works in the exhibition helped me understand her style, however, I did feel that I should have some background knowledge to get what she intended to tell thoroughly. As Lopez’s works seemed to be more focused on the message which is implied in those images than just the style itself, I felt my limit when I faced Spanish words on canvas and realized I have no idea who SantaLucia is.
  Though I am still worried about ample possibilities of misconception, one of few works that I could barely try to interpret was a wrestling series on the above. I’ve always thought that women’s wrestling is interesting because Wrestling is a sport which is commonly related to masculinity like a concept of violence. With the word, ‘LA BRUJA’ which means witch or ugly and evil woman in Spanish(I searched the meaning online after I came back from the exhibition), it seemed to me that the artist try to make inquiries about masculinity, femininity and what makes boundaries between them or creates them and even punishes some people who don’t want to be shut up within the bars of oppressive classifications.         

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