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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Revolutionary Love

This past Wednesday I visited Professor Alma's work at the Kerckhoff Art Gallery. I instantly found myself drawn to these beautiful paintings because of their vibrant colors and powerful representations of females. I remember some aspects of her work being shown in class on Monday which is why I immediately recognized the sacred heart and the Virgin Guadalupe in some of her work. I really enjoyed the painting as follows:
This painting shows the sacred heart covered in roses, Professor Alma's version of the Virgin Guadalupe wearing boxing gloves, Aztec printings, and a woman dressed as a guerrillera. These strong female images are queer in the sense that they transcend gender binaries and embrace masculinity. Although the Virgin Guadalupe is a very feminine and delicate woman in Catholic culture and religion, by wearing boxing gloves there is a sense that maybe she wants to shatter that mentality and prove she is strong and equal to the men. The guerrillera woman seems tough and looks like she is ready to kick some ass even though she is beautiful and youthful. I liked how these characters defied typical societal views on what femininity should be and how women are supposed to act in order to be considered normal. The ancient Aztec printings were a good touch as well. It ties these Chicana figures back to their roots. 

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