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Friday, October 19, 2012

Revolutionary Love

From the NCOW events I had the pleasure of attending Profe Lopez's opening reception of her Revolutionary Love exhibition. Upon entering the room I was drawn by the vivid colors and the images of culture I've grown up with. I had a chance to walk around and admire the art before Professor Lopez introduced her work and recognized her face as well as Profe's Gaspar de Alba in a few of the works. I also stood aside for a bit and people watched listening to the reaction of others in the room which ranged from "esto esta chido guey!" to "she should make tshirts".

Before listening to Profe's explanation of the series of Saint paintings I was intrigued by them but couldn’t make sense of my own interpretation, once she shared her inspiration behind them they instantly become my favorite. Professor Lopez shared that the saints she featured were all women who were tortured, ridiculed, and martyred for the simple fact that they refused to marry or be with men. I can't wrap by head around the idea that innocent women were put to death for not wanting to stand beside a man.
         Another set of work that drew me in was the two sirena pieces. I love that they are unmistakably latina desde los rasgos hasta las curvas de sus cinturas.  Though my vision is somewhat constructed by Lopez’s description I see the sirenas as mystical goddesses. One of them calm, cool, and collected like the element of water itself and the other bold and courageous like fire. The sirena with the viceroy is serene with her eyes closed holding the butterfly (her genetic memory) close to her heart. Through her body language and the expression in her eyes the other sirena with the image of Coyolxauhqui on her chest is saying “this is me”. She is a descendant of revolutionaries such as the Aztec goddess whose story must be remembered.

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