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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Queer of Color Genealogies

This week, I attended UCLA’s Queer Studies Conference, “Queer of Color Genealogies.”  The all-day conference was held on October 19, 2012 in Royce Hall.  With panels ranging from queer youth to studying the archives to art, the conference was well rounded and highly attended.  The program itself even highlighted the intersectionality of queerness, with the use of an image from Julio Salgado’s “Undocuqueer” series.

The artist, Chitra Ganesh gave a presentation on her work at the conference.  Based in Brooklyn, NY, Ganesh’s stated early on in her presentation about the importance of displaying modern artwork by artists of color.  Art by people of color that is displayed in museums is thousands of years old.  I would further note that art by queer artists of color is even less likely to be displayed.  The artist noted later that her work is often better received abroad as the American viewer finds it difficult to get past the brown body and view her ideas on time, gender, and bodies.  Ganesh’s work often involves ideas of mythology and science fiction.  She enjoys using a narrative without a clear beginning, middle and end, as myth often employs, and science fiction allows for the intersection of discussion around myth, colonialism, gender, and bodies, an intersection present in her work. 

Below: Left, Chitra Ganesh speaking at the Queer of Color Genealogies Conference; Right, a piece she presented in her slideshow that I found fascinating.


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