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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Queer Exhibition in Kerckhoff

For National Coming Out week, I visited the Kerckhoff Art Gallery exhibit called Revolutionary Love. What I loved most about this exhibit was the use of strong colors and Chicano/Chicana-identifying motifs on each of the pieces. The strong colors seemed to create a different atmosphere around the painting themselves, depending on the colors themselves. What was beautiful to me was how the different shades of blue could make me feel either peaceful or charged, or how a specific shade of red made me feel angry and ferocious. 

One of the works that got my attention rather fully was a wall-poster style work with the name “St. Liberata.” This piece had a woman in a cross-style pose, except with her arms being 90 degrees upward starting from her elbow. She also has a picture of the holy mother on her shirt as well, and has a halo around her head. I think the reason why this piece got my attention would be that it is portraying a saint that looks Chicana, unlike other saints who are usually portrayed in pictures and paintings as white-skinned. It’s almost like she represents someone you would have never imagined would be a saint. Another possible reason why it interested me is how her head is cocked slightly to one side, almost defiantly. It felt like she was looking right at me, asking me something along the lines of “what did you end up doing today” in a challenging tone.

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