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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Professor Lopez Art Showing

This week I was extremely busy, which unfortunately meant that I was unable to attend the National Coming Out Week events that I had planned to. I feel some apologies are in order to those who took the time to coordinate and plan these events, so please do accept my regrets for not finding the time. But, on a lighter note, WAY TO GO!! I heard great things from some of my friends who did attend, and you all made it possible!

All that aside, I do feel fortunate that I was able to make my way to Professor Lopez's art showing in the Kerkhoff Art Space. I was immediately struck by the beautiful vibrancy of the works, noticing the butterfly, which will now and forever remind me of Professor Lopez, as well as the mermaid motif that we spoke of on Monday. It was a lot of fun to actually see her work in person, rather than on the projection screen. It makes it much more personal when you can see the strokes and really appreciate the intricacy of the designs.

The piece that I chose from the exhibit popped out at me with its bright, warm coloring and delicate detail. The deep red background contrasted with the white Aztec detailing really grabbed my eye. The Sacred Heart overlaid with the Aztec design signifies a culture rich in Native heritage, yet highly Catholic. I believe this is a way to marry the two, although it would seem to me that the Native design is more pronounced, especially in that it is so highly contrasted with the white on red color scheme. Great Work! Everyone should go check it out!

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