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Sunday, October 21, 2012

NCOW Revolutionary Love

For National Coming Out Week I was lucky enough to view Prof. Alma Lopez "Revolutionary Love." I missed the opening reception, however I did like how the portrait paintings that resembled saints. In class we discussed the idea of regarding all women with respect and dignity, such as the way La Virgin is treated. It is very empowering to see Lopez's women vary in characteristics, especially in the sense that the attire of the women is not fully obscuring the figure of the body. For many years women were not allowed to show a lot of skin, but in contemporary society women have been able to surpass those restrictions. This does not mean all restrictions have ceased, and I think Lopez' images are forms of female liberation. In addition, the concept of love also seems to linger among the paintings; a love that women must seek from within. The love that one discovers as individual is something that cannot always be obtained from others. I also thought it was interesting how the arrangements of some of the smaller canvases were broken up, like puzzle pieces.

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