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Saturday, October 20, 2012

NCOW: Mosquita y Mari

As part of National Coming Out Week I attended several events, (and loved every minute) The event I chose to write about is the screening of the film Mosquita y Mari. Please excuse the low-quality photo of me with director Aurora Guerrero and the cast. The event consisted of an LGBTQ photography exhibit throughout the space that the audience got to see before the film, and after the screening, a Q & A session followed with writer-director Aurora Guerrero, two members of the cast and the production designer and editor. 
The film itself is a visually rich, poignant story about 15 year-old Yolanda (Mosquita) and her best friend and first love Mari. The story develops into an exploration of the self for Mosquita, as she deals with her traditional Mexican family and their expectations for her. I thought the film was an amazing and much needed representation of queer of color youth. After screening at Sundance earlier this year, the film has gone on to screen at universities and other venues. I hope that someday soon the film gains nationwide distribution, I believe that stories such as these can help open up the conversation on queer issues amongst families. 
Overall, this event was a great compliment to national coming out week at UCLA and I hope there's more films like these to come. 

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