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Saturday, October 20, 2012

National Coming Out Week

As one of the main organizers of National Coming Out Week (NCOW) I learned a lot of things about myself and the community. NCOW pushed my boundaries as an organizer, advocate, and activist  It pushed my wits to their end. It drove my life to the border of complete selflessness and selfishness. We, LaFa and QxG, broke our backs to give the Queer and Queer People of Color communities the spaces, the visibility, the celebration, and opportunity to come together in solidarity for one cause, which was to be ourselves in peace. The Mosquita y Mari Screening, Revolutionary Love, and BBQueer had some of the most attendance this whole week. The reason being....they tend to be more social. However, what was rather disappointing is that for the events that dealt with real issue of our community, the attendance was incredibly low. For the "Two Spirits One Heart" book signing and Q&A this wonderful conservative loud mother stood in front of us and acknowledged all the mistake she made in the process of her son's transition. She bore her soul, tears, and person just to make sure that we as Queer sons and daughters knew we were not wrong on the contrary we were beautiful, amazing, unique individuals simply misunderstood by our parents due to cultural standards. This was only one of the events that the masses chose to overlook. I appreciate Professor Alma Lopez and her spouse Professor Alicia Gaspar de Alba encouraging their students to participate in NCOW because it truly made the world to me to see everyone engaged in what we created for them. So Thank You.

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