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Sunday, October 28, 2012

National Coming Out Day

After participating in National Coming Out Day both this year and last year, I have to say that the event seems to have progressed into a more complex event.  Last year, there were uniformed digital images for all who wanted to support the event through social media.  These images consisted of a colorful filter and the word “OUT” written along the bottom of the frame. These images where absent this year and people were asked to write their coming out stories. This was an unusual twist.  It could be said that the story telling gives a contextual history and persona that is more humanizing than a single image could ever be.  This could potentially make the LGBTQ community more relatable to the heterosexual world making equality a little more achieveable.  However, I did notice that those who feel into the gay or lesbian binary received more peer support than those in the queer arena.  This was disheartening and showed where more growth would be useful.  

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